NJ Parents Reunite With Daughter After 137 Days Of COVID Lockdown

When the pandemic hit, Kimberly and Fred Marziano had to stop their regular visits to their daughter Zoe, at the Children’s Specialized Hospital where she lives. It was a tough time for the family, especially Zoe, who is partially paralyzed, can’t speak or see well and has recurring seizures after a virus caused severe brain damage when she was two-years-old.

But after 137 long days apart, the family has been reunited as restrictions for visitors were lifted at the New Jersey long-term care home for people with disabilities. They had last seen each other on March 8th and now the Marzianos are allowed two 30-minute visits a week at the hospital and they’re taking full advantage of that time.

When Zoe realized her parents were back to hug her in person again, her face “broke into the biggest smile,” her mom says. “That smile never left her face the whole 30 minutes we were allowed to spend with her.”

Source: USA Today

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