Americans Are Motivated To Shop Local Following Lockdowns

There’s no doubt the coronavirus lockdown has been bad for businesses, especially small ones, and it seems many people are now realizing they need to do something to help.

A new survey finds:

  • 79% of Americans say the crisis has made them realize just how important small businesses are to their community.
  • In fact, 71% say they plan to avoid big corporations and shop small.
  • Many did what they could to help small businesses during the crisis, with folks saying they supported an average of ten small businesses while sheltering in place.
  • One of the biggest ways they supported small businesses is by ordering take-out and delivery (43%). Other ways include:
    • Shop online (39%)
    • Donating money (38%)
    • Buying gift cards (34%)
    • Writing reviews online (31%)
    • Sharing their social media posts (30%)
    • Posting about them on my social media (26%)
  • Folks did what they could to help workers as well, with over half saying they tipped delivery folks more than usual, up to 28%.
  • Regardless of what they’ve already done, 74% are worried their favorite spots may not survive.
  • To help, 77% say they plan on supporting more local businesses once things go back to normal.
  • The top shops folks are excited about visiting again include:
    • Coffee shop/cafe (58%)
    • Restaurant (51%)
    • Hair salon (37%)
    • Gym/fitness studio (36%)
    • Local clothing store/boutique (33%)
    • Bar (31%)
    • Nail salon (23%) 

Source:SWNS Digital

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