No COVID-19 Deaths In New York City For The First Time Since Pandemic Began

New York City reached a new milestone in its battle against the coronavirus. On Monday (July 13), officials said that there were no reported deaths due to COVID-19 over the previous 24 hours. It is the first time since March 11 that there has not been a death attributed to the coronavirus.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said that while he is encouraged by the news, he is worried because the rate of infections is increasing in younger people.

"We are going to double down on efforts to reach young adults - digital media, messages from influencers, a night of action outreach all over the city at outdoor spots, mobile testing vans, mask giveaways. We are going to do everything to reach young adults to remind them they are not impervious," the mayor said.

New York City has managed to control the pandemic after being an early epicenter for the coronavirus. The city has recorded a total of 215,924 confirmed cases and seen more than 55,000 people hospitalized. In early April, the city was reporting more than 6,000 new cases every day.

Officials said that 18,670 people in the city have died from COVID-19, along with an additional 4,613 deaths that were likely the result of the viral infection.

While New York City has managed to get the pandemic under control, the coronavirus is spreading in other states, including Florida, Arizona, and Texas. Those states are seeing a record number of cases, and hospitals are running out of ICU beds to treat patients. Last week, the United States set a new record with more than 70,000 new infections reported over a 24-hour period.

Photo: Getty Images

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