Fridges Filled With Free Food Pop Up Around NYC

Refrigerators full of free food have been showing up all over New York City. They’re outside apartment buildings and bodegas and they’re a welcome sight for those struggling to get food on the table. There are at least 15 free food fridges that have popped up thanks to In Our Hearts, a grassroots organization focused on “building a culture of resistance to combat food insecurity” and build “stronger bonds between neighbors.”

Thadeaus Umpster, an organizer with In Our Hearts, organized their first community fridge after finding one for free on Craigslist. He put it outside his building, filled it and stuck a sign on it that said “free food.” Now the fridges are filled by community members with food from community gardens, two for one specials at the supermarket and leftovers from family dinners and anyone and everyone who wants to take some or leave some is welcome to.

“This isn't an act of charity,” explains Umpster. “We're not offering handouts, just sharing what we have extra of. It's an act of solidarity and is very mutual. I eat this food too.”

Source: Good Morning America

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