City Council Approves $88 Billion Budget, with Cuts to NYPD

New York City lawmakers have approved a budget that will cut $1 billion in funding to the NYPD.

The $88 billion spending plan will mean 1,000 fewer officers for the police department, although Mayor Bill de Blasio says public safety won’t be impacted.

We have to keep the City safe. We have to protect the levels of patrol strength throughout our communities. And we had to make sure that we were really doing something to refocus resources on young people and on communities hardest hit, that we were reinvesting in ways that would help us address a lot of the root causes of the problems we face,” de Blasio said.

Some of the savings from the NYPD will go toward investing in youth programs.

The department’s upcoming recruit class is being canceled and overtime will be reduced.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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