Video Shows Calm NYC Man With Knife Sticking Out Of His Head

A New York City man was stabbed on top of his skull with a cleaver during a brawl and walked it off afterward.

A video shows Roberto Perez seemingly unfazed by the blade, which left him a bloody mess. You can see Perez talking calmly with horrified onlookers and strolling toward an FDNY ambulance as if he had just wandered off a movie set.

One witness said, “I’m traumatized from seeing that. It looks like a scene out of a freaking movie.” Cops said the victim escaped serious harm because the blade didn’t penetrate his skull. Cops also say that Perez and a 34-year-old woman were on the same side of a dispute against another man. That man allegedly slashed the unidentified woman across the cheek before lodging the knife in Perez’s head and fleeing.

Both were treated and released from the hospital. No arrests or charges were immediately announced

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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