Plenty Of Americans Left Lockdown For Sex

While most of America took the COVID-19 lockdown seriously, it seems there were plenty of people that were willing to break the rules just to get some lovin’. 

A new survey finds:

  • 30% of Americans admit to breaking quarantine and leaving their house to have sex.
  • Not only that, another 51% of those quarantining alone said they had their sexual partner come to their home for a little sexy time.
  • And even if they didn’t leave home, they found ways to have a little fun with 30% saying they had video sex and 18% had phone sex. 

Overall, 58% of those polled were quarantining with their partner, and it seems many of those people used the lockdown to amp up their sex life.

  • 76% said they used their time in quarantine to spice things up with their partners.
  • 78% said they were having more sex because they were together more.
  • 65% actually admit they were having sex simply because they were bored.
  • On the negative side, of those having more sex, 60% say they are experiencing “sexual burnout.”
  • Another 67% have found themselves in a sexual rut.

Source:SWNS Digital

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