Polls Are Open Until 9PM Tuesday For New York Primaries

Tuesday is primary day in New York.

Voters will choose who will be on the ballots for their parties for Congress and president in the general election coming in November.

Polling locations are open, but officials upstate say there are about 3,000 fewer locations statewide than normal due to concerns over maintaining social distancing and supplying personal protective equipment at certain precincts.

Turnout in the Empire State remains a question mark, too. The state is allowing anyone to vote by absentee ballot if they are uncomfortable potentially risking exposure to the coronavirus virus at an in-person polling location.

Many voters are expected to cast their ballots by mail, but that may lead to an additional delay in results, officials warn.

The state received at least 1.8 million requests for absentee ballots. Voters have until today to postmark them.

Absentee ballots aren't opened and counted until one week after election day, meaning many close races this year will not have results until July.

Photo: Getty Images

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