Gun Raffle Gag Goes Bad…And Turns Into Lawsuit

A little joke went bad for Joseph Jemiolo III. While at a gun raffle held by The Southtowns Walleye Association in Buffalo, New York, he noticed the winning ticket holder wasn’t coming forward. So, as a joke, he scratched the winning numbers onto his ticket…knowing full-well it wasn’t valid, and he wasn’t going to win. Unfortunately, some within the organization viewed his little stunt as a form of fraud and decided to “ban him for life” from the organization. Not taking it lying down, Jemiolo fired back with a lawsuit asking that his membership be restored, $1-million in damages, and another $5-million in “punitive damages.” His main gripe? Because of the fraud accusation, people “will view him with suspicion” whenever he enters a fishing tournament.

Source: Buffalo News