No Uptick In NYC COVID Cases, Despite Weeks Of Protests Before Reopening

Mayor Bill de Blasio says New York City's Phase 1 reopening has been a success so far.

Despite weeks of protests in the city and as many as 400,000 people returning to work this past Monday, there has been no increase in positive coronavirus tests or ER admissions due to COVID-19 symptoms, the mayor said Friday.

City, state and regional officials have been urging protesters to get COVID tests after attending demonstrations. New York State has also begun its tracing initiative to respond to new outbreaks more intelligently.

De Blasio said the next few weeks will be telling of the virus's potential for a summer resurgence.

"Remember, it takes time for this disease to be spread. It takes time for it to manifest," he said. "We're not going to see [an increase] instantly. If there is a resurgence, we would see it in the second half of the month."

Given the city's positive COVID-19 trends, de Blasio had previously suggested the five boroughs might enter Phase 2 later this month, weeks earlier than previous estimates, as long as there is no spike in new cases.

An estimated 205,400 New York City residents have tested positive for the virus since March. Nearly 22,000 New York City residents have died. Statewide, nearly 30,000 deaths have been blamed on COVID-19.

Long Island began Phase 2 on Wednesday and the Mid-Hudson region of counties just north of the city began Phase 2 on Tuesday. Five New York regions, all upstate, advanced to Phase 3 on Friday.

New Jersey is advancing to its second stage of reopening on Monday, allowing in-store retail and outdoor dining to begin.

Connecticut plans to enter its second stage on Wednesday.

Photo: Getty Images

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