Gov. Paterson Tells WOR's Len & Michael "I'd Put More Money Into The NYPD"

Former Governor of New York David Paterson called into the Len Berman and Michael Riedel In The Morning show on 710WOR to talk about the current state of the NYPD, should we take down statues, and whether or the not the President would claim voter fraud. "I see the police department as kind of like a neighborhood that needs an infusion of capitol. I wouldn't defund i would put more money to teach them how to interact with human beings which isn't apart of the training now," said Gov. Paterson when asked by Len about police funding.

Len also asked Governor Paterson what he thought about removing the Christopher Columbus statue in Columbus Circle "I was a history major and I think the best way not repeat history is to condemn it instead of trying to cover it up," said Paterson. "What I don't like is when people take that culture and that time and glorify it," he continued.

To listen to the rest of the interview with Gov. Paterson and Len & Michael check it out below...