Here’s What States Are Downing The Most Beer

Americans love beer.That’s a fact that’s never been in dispute. Now, however, we’ve got some solid data on exactly how much beer goes down our throats as a country, and by state. In total, between craft beers, corporate domestics, and imports, we swallow 6.3 billion gallons of the stuff in the course of a year…with Midwesterners doing the most damage. As far as overall beer consumption, the top five states play out like this:

  • California –3-million gallons
  • Texas –1-million gallons
  • Florida –1-million gallons
  • New York –1-million gallons
  • Pennsylvania –9-million gallons

Taking the bottom spot, you’ve got Wyoming, downing a paltry 12.9-million gallons in a year.

When you look at theper capitanumbers, though, the top spot may come as a surprise.

  • New Hampshire –79-gallons per citizen
  • Montana –60-gallons
  • Vermont –53-gallons
  • North Dakota –50-gallons
  • South Dakota –37-gallons

It’s not at all surprising to see Utah pull the bottom of the per capita list, with 0.58 gallons of beer indulged in per year.


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