The Stores With The Best COVID-19 Safety Measures

Going to the supermarket has certainly been stressful during the coronavirus lockdown, and for some it still is. But luckily, a new report reveals which retailers are doing the best job when it comes to COVID-19 safety measures, which could ease your mind a bit. 

  • Ipsos’ new Consumer Health & Safety Index evaluates how retailers across seven industries are operating when it comes to health a safety measures.
  • The first part of their study asked 2,000 Americans to identify which health and safety attributes were most important to them when it came to shopping.
  • The most important practices for consumers include:
    • Consistent use of company-issued face coverings.
    • Managing the number of customers entering the store.
    • Six-foot social distancing markers at checkout.
    • Employees wiping down high traffic areas.
    • Plexiglass dividers at checkout.
  • Even with that, 61% of consumers say they still aren’t going to brick-and-mortar stores because they fear they’ll get sick.

So, which stores did the best job of meeting consumers health and safety needs?

  • Whole Foods tops the list overall, with the report finding:
    • 98% of their associates wear facemasks.
    • 91% respect six-foot boundaries with customers.
    • 95% of stores provide plexiglass at checkout.
    • 87% offer contactless payment.
  • Costco came in second, with 95% of employees wearing facemasks inside the store and 94% of stores having social distancing markets.
  • Finally Trader Joe’s came in third, with the chain doing the overall best job of monitoring traffic and guest volume, with 94% of stores doing so.

Interestingly, the report found that

  • In 25% of stores they visited employees wore facemasks improperly or not at all inside the store.
  • 51% of employees at stores did not wear gloves inside the store.
  • 77% of stores didn’t offer any hand sanitizing or hand washing inside the entrance, while 82% didn’t have them at checkout
  • 64% of stores didn’t have staff actively cleaning high-traffic areas like carts/baskets, counters, etc.
  • 58% of stores didn’t manage the number of customers inside.


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