NY Teen Awarded Car & College Scholarship After Protest Clean Up

After seeing the damage from protests in his hometown of Buffalo, New York, one teenager got busy cleaning up alone. Instead of waiting for an organized crew to remove glass and garbage from the streets, Antonio Gwynn Jr. started cleaning up at 2am and kept going for the next 10 hours. When a group of neighbors arrived later that morning to pitch in, they found he’d already done most of the work.

And when the community heard about the 18-year-old high school senior’s hard work, they stepped up to reward him. Matt Blick decided to give him his prized 2004 convertible red Mustang, which was made even more special when he found out Gwynn’s late mother used to drive the same car. An insurance agent offered to pay his auto insurance for a year to go with it. And the best part? Medaille College in Buffalo has offered the teen a full scholarship and he plans to start studying business there in the fall.

“I appreciate everything everyone is doing for me,” Gwynn says.

Source: CNN

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