NYC Hopes To Expand Outdoor Dining In Early-July As Phase II Of Reopening

The state has added outdoor dining to the list of activities that can resume in Phase II of the state's reopening plan.

The addendum was announced Wednesday via a press release from Governor Andrew Cuomo's office.

It came days before New York City is set to enter Phase I of reopening on Monday, June 8.

Seven inter-county regions of the state are currently in Phase II. Under the announcement, restaurants in those regions with can offer outdoor dining, effective immediately.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said last week that outdoor dining would likely resume when the Garden State enters Stage 2 of its reopening, expected June 15.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a plan Thursday to temporarily use open space to provide city restaurants with more options. The city is likely to enter Phase II by early-July, he said.

"New York's restaurants are part of what makes us the greatest city in the world," de Blasio said. "They've taken a hit in our fight against COVID-19 — and there's no recovery without them."

Under the city's Open Restaurants plan, restaurants will be able to convert parking spaces alongside the curb for dine-in service. Restaurants can register their spaces and self-certify online, in what the mayor said would be a simple process.

With traffic congestion in the city dramatically decreased, the mayor's office is moving forward with a plan to open 100 miles of city streets to pedestrians. Restaurants on those streets will be able to create seating areas directly in front of their doors.

Sidewalk seating will also be increased, as long as restaurants can maintain appropriate paths for pedestrians and disabled people.

Multiple city agencies will monitor the program should concern arise about accessibility of social distancing on sidewalks, curbs or streets.

Photo: Getty Images

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