Working Remotely Means Less Socializing With Colleagues

Many Americans have been working from home for the past few months due to the coronavirus, and while some may love working remotely, there’s at least one major downside.

A new poll finds:

  • 63% of employees say working from home has them spending less time socializing with their colleagues.
  • While working remotely doesn’t afford you the easy ability to take a five-minute break and chat with your co-worker, some companies are doing what they can to try and help promote socialization.
  • 26% of people say their companies have provided employees greater access to communication technology.
  • Some companies have tried to promote virtual socializing with events, including:
    • 13% say their office has held virtual happy hours.
    • 9% say their office has hosted activities and games.
    • 5% say their companies have been holding virtual meals.
    • 35% say their company hasn’t hosted any kind of virtual social event.
  • The most popular type of virtual social event isn’t completely social.
  • 19% say their company has hosted professional development sessions, which is a combo of both social and professional.

While workers may not be connecting with their colleagues, they do seem to be having more access to higher ups.

  • 81% say they have found their managers available or more available since they began working remotely.
  • 19% say they have less available.


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