Dentist's Now Charging "Infection Control Fee's"

The good news is dental offices continue opening up during the pandemic and many patients are starting to book appointments for much-needed cleanings and surgeries. The bad news is many are also being informed of something called an "infection control fee."

Hey, somebody's got to cover the costs of the personal protective equipment that dental staff now needs to protect themselves and their patients from COVID-19. That includes masks, face shields, gowns, and even air purifying systems. While most places are seeing that fee ranging between $10 and $20, some patients have reported being charged up to $150 for a virus-linked fee for dental surgery.

The American Dental Association spokesperson says it's OK as long as they disclose it to patients before they come in. Dentists say they don't have much of a choice, because they've already lost months' worth of money due to the shutdown, and because prices have risen significantly on PPE due to demand from other types of health care workers. Dentists say while a box of 20 masks used to cost $6, that's now the cost of one mask. Some insurers are offering to pick up the fees, but others are on the fence.

Source: NBC NEWS

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