New Yorkers Wait Two Hours In Line To Use One ATM Machine

There's a very popular ATM on East 22nd Street in New York City where cash-strapped New Yorkers, most of them unemployed and some from as far as Queens, line up every day and wait sometimes over two hours for their turn. There is little social distancing and plenty of frustration.

So why wait so long for this one ATM? Because of the state-issued unemployment debit cards through KeyBank, which has only a single branch and ATM in the entire city. The advantage is, if you use that single ATM, you're not charged any fees.

Many said they endured the line and rolled the dice on their health to avoid getting gouged with surcharges at out-of-network banks. Others said the KeyBank machine was the only one where they could get a daily maximum withdrawal of $1,500. "It's crazy, but we have to do it," said a 73-year-old woman who withdrew $500 for rent. She walked across town to the ATM and waited two hours to use it.

Source: NY Post

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