Fun Things Parents Learned About Their Kids During Quarantine

With families spending more time together than ever thanks to stay-at-home orders, some are learning some hilarious things about each other, and parents are apparently a bit surprised by some of their kids’ stranger habits.

Buzzfeed asked parents in their community to share some of the things they learning about kids under quarantine, and people were more than happy to chime in.

They include:

"I learned that when my 6-year-old goes to the bathroom, he says 'Penis power!' in a low, raspy voice."

"My 10-year-old speaks in a deeper voice when he's talking to his classmates. I'd never heard this voice before, until he was in a class Zoom session!"

"I learned that my preschool-age daughter swears to herself when she gets frustrated and thinks no one is listening.”

"I bought my son a microscope for science class — and I learned that the first thing he magnified was his 'tiny swimmers.'"

"I learned that my 4-year-old cousin — who I'm babysitting because his parents are essential workers — sings 'Jingle Bells' every time he urinates. Every time."

"I've learned all the things my kids think their farts smell like. So that's neat."

"I've learned that apparently my son loves watching Dr. Phil. He says the episodes with the out-of-control kids are the best."

"I discovered that the number of days my boys will go without a shower is infinite, and that no matter how bad it is, they seem to be immune to their — and each other's — bodily odors."

“I've learned that my 4-year-old likes to repeat everything. He repeats one-liners from his friends, he repeats commercials word for word, he even repeats swear words! My bad."

Source: Buzzfeed

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