Desire For Dedicated Office Space At Home Is Increasing

When people are shopping for houses, a big master bedroom or nice kitchen are usually the most important things they are looking for. But thanks to the COVID-19 crisis, and more people working from home, home offices have suddenly jumped up on that list. A new Zillow survey finds:

  • About two-thirds of folks say they are currently working from home but without a dedicated home office.
  • Instead, those people have repurposed another area of their home, like their living room, dining room or bedroom.
  • Because of this, when asked why they would consider moving from their home the top reason was to have a home with a dedicated office (31%).
  • A home office jumped ahead of typical reasons for a new home, including
    • To live in a larger home (30%)
    • To live closer to friends and/or family (29%)
    • To live in a home with more rooms (29%)
    • To live in a more affordable home (28%)
    • To live in a home with more outdoor space (27%)

And it looks like sellers have picked up on this new trend. There was a 10% increase in home office mentions in for-sale listings last month, as opposed to the previous year.


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