Americans Willing To Pay More To Save Their Local Restaurants

A lot of restaurants are struggling due to the coronavirus shutdown, and many probably won’t survive. But it seems lots of Americans are willing do whatever they can to help save their favorite food joints, even if that means paying more.

A new Harris Poll finds:

78% of Americans are worried about local restaurants gong out of business due to the coronavirus lockdown.

66% say they are okay with restaurants raising prices to help them recover losses.

A third are willing to pay an 8% surcharge to food and alcohol.

72% would be willing to pay at least 1% on their total bill

27% would be willing to pay as much as 8% on their entire bill.

But folks have differing thoughts on how that surcharge should be applied.

41% of people say there should be some sort of notification of an increased price before ordering.

25% believe it should be an optional surcharge on the bill.

24% think restaurants should simply encourage higher than normal tips.

Source: The Harris Poll

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