Couple Caught Having Sex On Subway Platform

A raunchy couple took advantage of the practically empty transit system to get freaky on a subway platform and a video caught all the action. The nearly minute-long clip, filmed by a chuckling onlooker from across the tracks, appears to show a man and woman in the throes of passion on the platform in Brooklyn.

“Yeah, I don’t care, I don’t mind that s–t, that s–t is like PornHub to me,” the cameraman can be heard saying as the man looks over, sticks out his tongue and flashes hand-horns. “This is New York City, you see everything, you hear!" He went on to describe the "action and ended his narrative with, “Have a good one, bro,” the voyeur, who sources say was a construction worker from nearby street work, shouts before walking away while laughing.

It was unclear when the video was shot... and yes, police are aware of the video.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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