Americans Focused On Getting Healthier During Isolation

The COVID-19 crisis has had a lot of people worrying about their health, and according to a new poll, a good amount of people used their lockdown time making some changes to get healthier.

The survey finds:

62% of Americans say they didn’t take their health seriously enough pre-coronavirus.

70% decided to use self-isolation as a reset button to improve their health.

59% of people say they focused on eating healthier while in lockdown.

More than half said their biggest improvement was eating more fruits and veggies.

41% used their quarantine time to focus on their mental health.

Other ways folks have been improving their health while in quarantine include:

Drink more water (50%)

Exercise more (50%)

Improve their immunity health (49%)

Take better care of their skin (45%)

Overall, 70% of people say they struggled to stay motivated and positive while stuck indoors, although many found ways to keep themselves busy. They include:

Cook/bake (46%)

Watch TV (42%)

Reorganize an area of their home (37%)

Clean their home (36%)

Redecorate their home (34%)

Learn a new exercise routine (31%)

Learn a new skill (30%)

Read (29%)

Video call with friends and family (28%)

Source: SWNS Digital

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