Americans Miss Driving, Plan To Take Car On Vacation

With so many Americans spending weeks at home due to the coronavirus lockdown, many have rarely gotten into their cars, and it seems folks are missing it.

A new survey finds:

76% of Americans miss being in their cars.

Before the coronavirus, 53% of people were driving daily, while since then only 20% have been.

As for what is causing them to do less driving:

73% say it’s because of restaurant closures.

69% blame it on retail closures.

55% say it’s because of their employment.

51% say it’s because of education (meaning not having to go to school).

And it seems a lot of folks are expecting to rely on their vehicles for any sort of vacation this summer.

60% of folks are looking to take more road trips because of the coronavirus quarantine.

57% are planning to take their next vacation by car.

In fact, 62% say they are more comfortable traveling by car, something only 11% of people say about traveling by plane.

And even though they’ve been stuck in the house with their family or weeks, most people still want to travel with their loved ones.

40% say they would most like to take a vacation with their spouse or significant other

Although only 18% want to take it with their children.

And 11% say they’d prefer to travel alone.

Source: Yahoo

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