NYC Sets Record For Amount Of Days Without A Pedestrian Being Hit

They say every cloud has a silver lining. In the case of New York City, the coronavirus lockdown has rid the streets of their usual congestion, and with that comes an unprecedented stat: As of yesterday, no pedestrian had been killed in 59 days. That's the longest stretch since the city began tracking the stat in 1983.

But with that slim silver lining amid the COVID-19 devastation comes a repercussion: Drivers who do venture out are speeding more. A lot more. For example, speeding cameras in the city doled out nearly 25,000 speeding tickets on March 27, roughly double the total from a typical day before the coronavirus outbreak began.

The solution is more cameras apparently as City transportation chief Polly Trottenberg said, "We are continuing to install 60 new speed cameras each month, and plan to meet our goal of standing up the largest speed camera program in the world."

Source: ABC 7

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