Former Yankee CC Sabathia Suddenly Looks Jacked After Losing Weight

CC Sabathia may have been one of the portlier pitchers in the MLB in his playing days but it appears that—since retiring—it seems CC is doing A-OK.

At least it would certainly appear that way after the former Yankees pitcher’s broadcast partner Ryan Ruocco of the “R2C2 Podcast” confirmed on social media that a photo circulating of a jacked Sabathia really was him and was not doctored.

“Not Photoshopped,” Ruocco tweeted of the photo below. “The big fella has been getting after it during quarantine!”

Take a gander at the slimmed-down Sabathia, who retired after last season, in a tank top with muscular and cut arms. It is a far different appearance than the huskier version of him fans saw during his time with The Bombers.

The 39-year-old, who at one point weighed close to 300 pounds during his baseball career, wanting to slim down comes as no surprise. Sabathia spent much of his final years in New York battling a recurring knee injury and started working on his weight in 2014. In 2018 he went to a vegan diet after knee surgery and came back for his final season after dealing with a blocked artery.

Source: NY Post

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