Uber Lays Off 3500 People Via Zoom Call

More than three-thousand front line customer support workers lost their jobs at the ride share company, Uber. Britain’s “Daily Mail” obtained the Zoom call video where Ruffin Chaveleau, the head of Uber's customer service center, choked back tears as she revealed the decision.

In the video, which lasts just over three minutes, Chaveleau explained Uber has lost more than half of their business during the coronavirus pandemic. She also apologized for the method of delivering the news. Chaveleau noted that company officials didn’t want employees to hearing something from the rumor mill – they wanted to be direct.

Chaveleau is promising Uber will do everything it can to support the people laid off – and that includes a severance package. The company expects to incur about $20-million in costs for severance and related charges.

Source: Daily Mail

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