NYC Drive-In Theater Becoming More Popular Due To Coronavirus

Drive-in theaters were a staple in the 1950s America, we all remember that iconic scene in Grease. Well now drive-in theaters are making a comeback thanks to coronavirus.

Theaters like in Astoria, Queens Bel Aire Diner have been hosting pop-up drive-in movies in their parking lot and it has shown big success. It's a great activity to do while keeping your social distance.

Kal Dellaportas, the son of the diner's owner says, “It’s been amazing, it’s been overwhelming." He continues, "People are reaching out, asking how they can get involved."

Speaking of Grease, the Bel Aire diner hosted that movie with about 35 cars, enjoying the movie and a movie-themed menu from the diner. People attending the film were told to remain in or near their vehicle while enjoying the food. Some people were even dancing on top of their cars while watching. There were also masked NYPD officers watching on the sides to make sure everyone was keeping proper distance.

This Wednesday the Bel Aire diner will be showing the iconic film Dirty Dancing. A local film festival is also inquiring about being involved in a screening at the diner.

For more information on how to attend a movie screening at the Bel Aire diner go to their Instagram here.

Photo: Getty

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