Robert De Niro Wants to Play Andrew Cuomo in a COVID-Themed Movie

A bearded Robert De Niro video chatted with Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show” and let him know that if a movie was made about the current situation, he’d like to play New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. As De Niro sees it, “He's doing what any president should do.”

He goes on to say that he can picture Mr. Cuomo as President Cuomo one day. Stephen just had Cuomo on the show and he gave the idea his seal of approval calling the actor a “genius.” "De Niro, I am a big De Niro fan," says Cuomo. "He is just phenomenal. The breadth of his ability, I mean, just look at all the roles he’s played. He can do anything, right?” The governor also said he’s going to do his “Taxi Driver” impression at his next press conference. “When a reporter asks me a question… "You talkin’ to me?"

Source: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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