Polar Vortex Will Make For A Chilly Weekend In NYC

A polar vortex is heading for the Northeast this Friday evening that could bring snow to eastern New York State and western New England.

The storm could result in Albany, New York's first measurable May snowfall since 2002.

"We continue to closely watch a storm for Friday afternoon into Friday night that may bring a period of now to most of eastern NY and western New England," the U.S. National Weather Service reported Thursday.

Albany could see around an inch of snowfall Friday. Higher elevations further upstate could get more.

New York City will get rain instead of snow. High temperatures could plunge into the 30s overnight tonight. Friday afternoon will be rainy and chilly with high temperatures in the mid 50s.

Saturday morning low temperatures will be near a record for the city. The rest of the day will be chilly and windy with a high of around 45.

Sunday should be cloudy but rain-free with high temperatures back into the 50s.

Next week will start off chilly, but warm up by Wednesday.

Photo: Getty Images

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