Food Truck Owners Feeding Medical Workers For Free

Across the country, restaurants are struggling and food trucks are, too. But some are finding a way to stay in business while helping others at the same time. Aztec Dave’s food truck in Chicago is just one of many around the U.S. that are now giving free meals to essential healthcare workers on the front lines of the pandemic.

New York food truck owner Najee Saunders is also providing meals for free and he’s crowdsourcing his funding on social media for his truck, “Remix Kitchen.” Across the country, Paul Brozen, a vendor of vintage cars for movie and TV sets, started a GoFundMe page, “Film Industry Feeds the Frontlines” to raise money to bring in food trucks to feed hospital workers. They’ve raised over $100-thousand so far that’s helped them give away around 12-thousand meals.

“It’s not about me, it’s about helping other people,” Brozen says. “It’s about seeing a problem and figuring out how we could help.”

Source: NBC News

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