Smart Talks With IBM: Accelerating an answer To COVID-19

How is technology playing a role in the search for an effective treatment for COVID-19?

In this episode of Smart Talks on the TechStuff podcast, Dave Turek of IBM joins the podcast to talk about how high performance computing can help speed up the process. The episode focuses on supercomputers and using them to help researchers develop treatments for COVID-19, among other things.

Strickland poses the question, with COVID-19 in particular, what are some of the ways that researchers are leveraging these technologies to specifically look at the Coronavirus crisis?

Turek said, "I think the first way to think of it is to just take a second and inform your listeners about the modern ways in which chemistry, biology and biochemistry are done. Because I think many people have this image from their high school or college days of beakers and pipettes and things like that, sort of what I would characterize the representation of science in the analog world, what you touch and feel and deal with every day. What that comes down to in the case of COVID-19 is, one begins to take first principles kinds of theories of the way molecules are structured and the way atoms behave and how they interact with one another, represent that in mathematical form, and use the computers to explore the behavior from a first principles perspective before you ever get to a physical laboratory. "

Want to learn more? Listen to the full podcast in the player below.

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