Dictionary.com Adds & Updates Words Related To Coronavirus

Ever since the coronavirus hit certain words we never really used before have become part of our daily language, and Dictionary.com is recognizing it.

The online dictionary has now updated their glossary to add certain words that have become more commonplace due to the outbreak. Those words include COVID-19, novel coronavirus and the slang rona, the ladder of which the site uses in a sentence, “I’m not even trying for a beach body this year since rona ruined my summer plans.”

In addition, the dictionary updated several existing entries in regards to the coronavirus, including shelter-in-place, personal protective equipment, asymptomatic, containment, novel, hunker down, germaphobe, price gouging, profiteering, and social distance, which is both a noun and a verb, and defined as “a safe or appropriate distance or amount of space between two people, or between people in a group.”

Source: Fox News

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