Almost Half Of Americans Have Canceled Their Summer Travel

It looks like the coronavirus is going to ruin summer for a lot of people. A new survey finds that most people don’t expect they’ll be able to travel anywhere during the busy summer travel season.

According to the survey:

  • 48% of Americans have canceled their summer travel plans due to the coronavirus.
  • One in six Americans plan to wait a full year before traveling again.
  • 46% of Americans say they lost money after canceling upcoming travel plans, with the average amount lost $854.30 per person.
  • Most of those losses came from:
    • Airline tickets (59%)
    • Hotel rooms (44%)
    • Tour/activities (25%)
    • Airbnb (22%)
    • Cruise deposits (21%)
  • And while 20% of Americans say they are planning a celebratory trip once the coronavirus crisis ends, their views about the travel industry have changed.
  • In fact, 43% view the travel industry more negatively because of the coronavirus crisis.
  • 55% say they are less likely to ever take a cruise again.
  • 52% are less likely to travel overseas. 

Source:Value Penguin

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