Knicks Owner Dolan To Donate Plasma After Coronavirus Recovery

Remember how last month we told you that team owner James Dolan had tested positive for the coronavirus—yeah, well he recovered.

Dolan now joins the 99.9875 percent of Americans that will do the same that will live through this pandemic.

Well Dolan is doing something I cannot believe I am about to say—he’s making a good decision. ESPN reports Dolan is volunteering to donate blood plasma for various medical trials.

Dolan's second test—nearly three-and-a-half weeks after the positive test result—was negative. He has registered to donate plasma to several New York-based hospitals and has given blood to NYU Langone Health and Duke University Medical Center.

The antibody tests are widely regarded as a key to developing a better understanding of the virus and, perhaps, a treatment.

If only there were some treatment for Dolan to develop a better understanding of the game of basketball.

Source: ESPN

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