Families Are Getting Closer During Lockdown

While some families are probably sick of the sight of each other after being quarantined together for over a month, a new report suggests the exact opposite could be true. 

A new UK survey, which could easily translate here, finds:

  • 80% of parents say their families have gotten closer because they spend more time together during lockdown.
  • As for what they are doing to pass the time:
    • Half are playing board games and doing puzzles together.
    • 30% have formed book clubs and read together.
    • 28% of parents and kids are gardening together.

Of course, technology is being used to pass the time, but parents are being careful about that.

  • Only one-third of parents are allowing their kids to watch more TV.
  • One quarter say their kids are spending more time on their phones, tablets and video games. 

And it seems most couples are also doing okay in the lockdown.

  • At the beginning of the lockdown more than half of couples expected it to have a negative effect on their relationship.
  • But 60% say they are actually happier with their partner after all this time in isolation together.
  • Even better, a quarter of parents say they hare having sex more often during lockdown.
  • Although most say it’s usually a “quickie” since they have too many family commitments.

Source:Study Finds

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