Everyone is Googling ‘Will Life Ever Go Back to Normal?’

The phrase “will life ever go back to normal?” has spiked dramatically in Google searches as the coronavirus crisis continues to rage this week — and with good reason, psychiatrists tell the “New York Post.”

The number of people searching the term doubled globally in the past week, according to the tech giant’s coronavirus trends page, which also notes “how to feel normal” and “will life ever be sane again?” were also frequent queries. Psychologist Peter Provet saysfolks may be turning to their keyboards to cope with “fear of the unknown.”

He adds that this pandemic is tragic and unprecedented, and we’re all searching for answers. “What we’re doing now by quarantining — and isolating ourselves — is not ‘normal;’ it goes against the fabric of human nature,” he offers. “That has great psychological impact.” The world-upside-down feeling is worsened by social distancing-induced loneliness, and can trigger anxiety, experts said.

Source: NY Post

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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