Americans Boozing It Up While Working From Home

It’s a good thing no one has anywhere to drive right now, because weekday drinking is having a moment. It appears people are taking full advantage of their new office’s booze stock and working under the influence at home.

A new study from shows people are taking the edge off of working remotely with booze. More than one-third reported that they’re more likely to drink in isolation. So...don’t be surprised if your next Zoom meeting feels pretty loose.

For the record, Virginia and Rhode Island have the largest amounts of people drinking at work with half their citizens reportedly drinking while working remotely. Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Idaho, Nevada and Montana are the next sauciest with 40% admitting to having some booze on the clock. California and New York are close behind with 38% saying they’ve had some combination of a morning beer, lunchtime cocktail, or wine break.

Speaking of, Beer is the beverage of choice for the drunk-from-homers, excuse me, I mean… work-from-homers. And while everyone else was stockpiling toilet paper, a fifth of those surveyed were stocking up on liquor for their extended stay-in-place order. But with all this drinking from nine-to-five, it’s probably about time to stock up again.


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