Scientist Asks for Breast Milk to Study Coronavirus Treatment

Medical researcher Rebecca Powell, Ph.D., is asking mothers of newborns to donate breast milk to her study, with hopes of analyzing its healing powers. The human milk immunologist made the strange request on social media recently, asking specifically for samples in the NYC area.

“Are you a healthy, lactating person in NYC? Do you own a breast pump? Are you comfortable expressing breast milk that your baby will not need?” reads the wanted ad, produced by the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Powell told Vice News that she’s already inundated with volunteer submissions.

According to Powell, human breast milk is packed with powerful disease-fighting proteins, dubbed antibodies, which can help fortify babies against viral infections, such as measles and chickenpox — which is part of the reason why doctors urge new moms to breastfeed if they’re able. Now, Powell thinks its protective properties could help lead scientists to an effective treatment against COVID-19.

Sounce: NY Post

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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