Brooklyn Eatery Becomes Soup Kitchen For Laid-Off Hospitality Workers

Out of work hospitality workers in New York City are being treated to gourmet meals thanks to a couple of restaurant owners. Nate Adler and Flip Biddelman are turning their Brooklyn restaurant Gertie into a part-time soup kitchen for laid-off restaurant employees and they’re getting to keep most of their staff on the job as a result.

Workers can come to the eatery Tuesday through Friday between 4 and 7pm to pick up dinner and essential groceries, like bags of quinoa, bags of coffee, pasta, and even toilet paper - all for free. Gertie is able to make 300 meals a day, thanks to a grant from the Restaurant Relief Program and anything leftover is donated to feed local hospital workers.

“We get to pay employees to be here, and we’re servicing the community,” Adler says. “We’re all benefiting from it. It’s a pretty amazing thing.”

Source: New York Post

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