2 Jersey City Couples Get Married At City Hall While Social Distancing

With so many states enacting density control measures with no end in sight, single people are either stuck at home with no chance to meet someone, separated from their partners or stuck with someone they're just now realizing they don't get along with very well.

It's also springtime and lots of people have had to cancel weddings because of restrictions on gatherings and travel due to the pandemic. (Some New Jersey residents who flouted the state's new restrictions on social gatherings to host weddings are now facing criminal charges.)

Two Jersey City couples undeterred by pandemic worry successfully tied the knot Wednesday at city hall in a pair of ceremonies officiated by Mayor Steven Fulop and Health and Human Services director Stacey Flanagan.

The city noted via an Instagram post congratulating the new Mr. and Mrs. Figueiras and Mr. and Mrs. Ramirez that aside from the happy couples, all other people in attendance practiced social distancing of at least six feet, throughout the ceremonies.

"The guest lists and parties were cut but #LOVE still wins," read a caption.

Photos from the afternoon show the couples holding hands at city hall while all the other people in attendance keep their distance.

Hopefully the Figueiras and Ramirez will be able to celebrate with their friends and families sooner than later.

Photo: Getty Images

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