The Airlines That Are Changing Change/Cancellation Fees For Coronavirus

With that crazy coronavirus out there mucking up the works for the rest of the world, many of us have our travel plans in limbo. At least there are airlines that are trying to work for the customer rather than against them when it comes to their change and cancellation fees and policies. Here’s what eleven airlines are doing, with hopefully more to come.

Alaska Airlines – If you booked between February 27th and March 12th for travel between 2/27 and 6/1, you could change the flight to anytime before the end of the year or cancel for a full refund at no additional charge.

American Airlines – Change fees are waived if your flight is between March 1st and March 16th …and is scheduled between now and January 26th. Just make sure your changes are made at least two weeks before you intend to travel.

Air France – If you make your change before May 31st, there’s no fee for booked dates between now and May 31st.

British Airways – All change fees waived for travel between now and March 16th, including package deals involving hotel stays and rental cars.

Delta – If you book during March, there’s a change fee waiver for all flights until February 25th of next year. Your changed travel date must happen before the end of February though. If you cancel, you can apply that balance to a future flight within a year.

Hawaiian Airlines – There’s a one-time fee waiver for flights booked between now and March 16th.

Jet Blue – All change and cancellation fees waived for travel booked between February 7th and March 11th – for travel by June 1st. If there’s a change in airfare, a credit will be added for the price of the previous ticket.

Qantas – Their waiver primarily focuses on those traveling from Australia to China.

Southwest – They normally don’t charge those fees if you cancel at least 10 minutes before the flight is scheduled to depart.

United – Tickets issued in March can change “free of charge” for a ticket of equal or lesser value for up to a year from issue date.

Virgin – A relaxed policy that’s in play for tickets booked between March 4th and March 31st.

Of course, each airline’s website will have specifics and fine print you’ll want to look at, too.

Source: Thrillist

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