Mets Cespedes Ends Media Boycott, Reflects On Wild Boar Incident

Cespedes spoke for the first time this spring yesterday, admitting that he made a “mistake” that led to his season-ending ankle fracture in May 2019. He added that he’s targeting Opening Day for his return to action.

“I committed and error and I paid for it,” Yoenis Céspedes said through that interpreter before adding that he doesn’t want to address the past though.

In other words, we’re not going to get much clarity regarding Cespedes’ reported wild boar incident. That incident cost him a lot of money as the Mets forced him to restructure his contract, and a lot of people were understandably upset with him over the whole ordeal.

He also said that—if he keeps progressing the way he is—he’ll be ready for Opening Day.

So long as he doesn’t twist an ankle suddenly reversing direction with the media again.

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