The Best Airlines For On-Time Arrivals

We expect a lot from airlines these days, and are rarely satisfied with what we get. At the end of the day, one of the main things travelers really want is to arrive on time, and it turns out some airlines are better at doing that than others.

  • The Department of Transportation just revealed which airlines had the best on-time record last year in its annual Air Travel Consumer Report.
  • It turns out most airlines are doing an okay job at being punctual.
  • No airline ranked lower than 70%, which an improvement over 2018, when two airlines dipped below that threshold.
  • On the other hand, no airline reached a 90% on-time arrival rate.
  • Hawaiian Airlines once again is tops for on-time arrivals, with an 87.7% on-time arrival rate

Top Ten Airlines For On-Time Arrivals

  1. Hawaiian Airlines (87.7%)
  2. Delta Airlines (83.5%)
  3. Alaska Airlines (81.3%)
  4. Southwest Airlines (80.2%)
  5. Spirit Airlines (79.5%)
  6. Allegiant Airlines (78.7%)
  7. American Airlines (77.4%)
  8. United Airlines (75.2%)
  9. JetBlue airways (73.5%)
  10. Frontier Airlines (73.1%)

Source:Business Inside

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