Knicks Owner Dolan Wins Lawsuit Oakley Filed, Wants To Reconcile

Charles Oakley was unsuccessful with his civil lawsuit against the New York Knicks, and team owner James Dolan is hoping the two sides can now put the issue behind them and possibly move toward reconciling.

A judge dismissed Oakley’s lawsuit against Dolan and the Madison Square Garden Company on yesterday, ruling that the former Knicks star “failed to allege a plausible legal claim that can meet federal legal standards.” Dolan issued a statement saying he is hopeful there can now be peace between Oakley and the organization.

“We thank the court for its ruling. This was an incident that no one was happy about. Maybe now there can be peace between us,” Dolan said in a statement.

Oakley’s lawsuit stemmed from an incident in February 2017 in which he was escorted from Madison Square Garden and arrested. He was seen getting into a confrontation with security guards after he allegedly criticized Dolan in what the team described as a “highly inappropriate and abusive manner.”

Oakley was charged with two misdemeanor counts of assault, one misdemeanor count of aggravated harassment and one misdemeanor count of trespassing in addition to two counts of harassment. He agreed to a plea deal that gave him six months of probation and a one-year ban from MSG.

Unfortunately, the Knicks are still allowed in there to stink up the place.

Source: Larry Brown Sports

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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