Yoenis Cespedes Says He Will Not Talk To Media This Year

Yoenis Cespedes is back with the New York Mets and is expected to play a role this year and he intends to let his bat do the talking.

At least, it better, because he won’t be doing any himself after the outfielder basically said yesterday that he was taking a vow of silence when it comes to the media.

“Not today, not tomorrow, not at all this year,” said Cespedes, when asked if he had a few minutes to speak with the media:

There was certainly no indication why Cespedes felt this way, but the safe guess is he didn’t appreciate the New York media’s reporting about the bizarre accident that cost him all of last season alleging he injured his ankle sidestepping a wild boar at his ranch.

Obviously, such an odd story lends itself well to headlines, so plenty has been written about it. Cespedes has been painted as irresponsible in some quarters for the nature of that injury.

Staying on the field will be key for Cespedes this season. If he can do that and hit a bit, he may be able to silence the critics.

And if he can’t, well, at least he can entertain us with stories from back home.

Source: Larry Brown Sports

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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