Weinstein Sex Crimes Trial Resumes

The 14th day of Harvey Weinstein's trial started with his attorneys calling the manager of actress Annabella Sciorra's apartment building. He testified that Sciorra never complained about anyone being allowed up to her apartment without her permission. As we told you before, Sciorra testified that Weinstein showed up to her apartment after giving her a ride home and then raped her.

In an attempt to rebut another witness, Lauren Young, the defense also produced Weinstein’s friend, Claudia Salinas. As you might recall, Young claimed that Salinas helped Weinstein trap her in the bathroom where she says she was assaulted. In short, Salinas said that Young’s version of events “never happened.”

On cross-examination however, Salinas, who was in a 2009 Weinstein-produced film called “Crossing Over” with Harrison Ford, admitted that he could be a bully, but said she wasn’t afraid of him. She said she became frustrated because she wasn't getting any career help from him - and while he was flirtatious, wasn't inappropraite. Similarly, actress Talita Maia, a friend of accuser Jessica Mann claimed that Mann referred to Weinstein as "her spiritual soulmate." Weinstein insists any sexual activity with the women who accuse him was consensual.

Source: USA Today

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