UPS Driver Delivers Lost Wallet to New York Woman's Home

A New York woman who lost her wallet during a trip to the store had the lost item returned with all of its contents intact by a UPS driver who went above and beyond the call of duty.

Beth Cefalu of Eltingville, Staten Island, said she apparently lost her wallet while on her way to a store Thursday.

Cefalu said she didn't cancel any of the cards inside the wallet in case it turned up somewhere inside her apartment.

She said she was about to give up the search when a call from her boyfriend brought relief.

"My boyfriend called and said a UPS driver delivered my wallet," she told the Staten Island Advance.

Cefalu said the UPS truck was still on her block when she arrived home, allowing her to thank the driver in person.

The driver, Mike Arcaro, told her he had found the wallet near her home and took it to the local UPS headquarters. Arcaro suspected the address on Cefalu's ID, which was listed as a town in upstate New York, might be out of date, so he used the UPS system to find her current address and deliver the wallet to the correct home.

"Its a good thing he didn't mail it to the old address," Cefalu said in a Facebook post. "It would have been forwarded to my current but still it would have been missing for a week! By then I would have canceled everything."


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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