Mets Up For Sale Again; New Owners Would Take Over Immediately

The New York Mets entered the media spotlight this past week, but not under good conditions. The franchise's sale to billionaire Steve Cohen fell apart due to the Wilpon family wanting control of the team after the purchase and Cohen wanting to drive down the price late in the negotiation process.

Well, the team is reportedly once again up for auction, and there won't be any controversy this time around, hopefully. Whoever successfully purchases the team will reportedly run operations immediately, something which could facilitate a quicker transaction of the team.

While that sounds like a massive defeat for both Fred and Jeff Wilpon, that's not the case.

Well the defeat part isn’t at least.

Because they would be walking away with their heads down in a massive amount of money as their asking price would actually increase from Cohen's $2.6-billion.

Source: 12up

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