Weinstein Trial: Jurors See Nude Photos Of Weinstein

A day after breaking down in tears during cross-examination, 34-year-old Jessica Mann was back on the witness stand in the Harvey Weinstein rape trial. Mann has accused Weinstein of raping her twice, but his attorneys say she's an opportunist who pursued him, even after the alleged sexual attacks. Mann is described as staying firm in her testimoney.

Meantime, jurors have viewed a series of nude photos that prosecutors introduced into evidence. They could not be seen by the rest of the courtroom. As we told you before, Mann testified Friday that she initially thought Weinstein’s nether regions were “deformed.

So how did jurors react? When the snaps were revealed, one female juror made a slight face, another woman on the panel raised her eyebrows and a male juror opened his eyes widely. When the a reporter asked if the photos were of the disgraced producers genitals, he snarked, ““No, it was Playboy.”

Source: Page Six

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